Colonel V.P.K Nair (Retd.)
An Artist with a difference

A Colonel of the Indian Army, who had actively participated in 1965 and 1971 Indo-Pak conflicts and retired in 1989. He has chosen Spirituality, Yoga and Painting for a peaceful retired life. Retired, but not tired - is what he feels. The real life for him started after retirement - with colours!

Pen and ink sketching was his hobby right from the School days. This is continued all along his busy Army life too. He had opportunity to make an on-the-spot pencil sketch of late Defence Minister V.K.Krishna Menon in 1962. The Minister autographed the work and adviced him not to waste his talent, but improve upon the same. This was a turning point in his Art career. Collected books on Art, kept contact with Artists and he continued his artistic pursuits.

A Staunch follower of H.H. Swamy Chinmayananda since 1983. A serious reader of Indian spiritual culture and religions. A strict vegetarian, non-smoker and teetotaler.

The Colonel is of the opinion that the lines and colours is the language of the Artist. A painting is like a book. The viewer must be able to read through. Besides the mood created by the splash of colours it should also tickle his mind by the theme. Mundane problems of the common man, natural calamities, sayings of the great Masters all form part of his creations. An Artist, he feels must be free to render, what comes from within him. For him once the subject is selected it is HE, who decides the composition and colours. The credit or discredit of the work goes to HIM.

The Artist had his first exhibition in 1961 with a group of Artists in New Delhi in the All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society Hall. An active member of the Kerala Chitrakala Parishath since 2003. Participated in all their Annual group shows and with their Senior Citizen's group "Senior Splendors" shows. He had also conducted 6 solo exhibitions in and around Trivandrum (Museum Auditorium, SAC Air Force, Theerthapada Mandapam, Amba Yagam of Isa Ashram and Sivananda Yoga Ashram, Neyyar Dam).

Collections are with various Defence Officer's Messes, Units, Guest Houses, Religious Institutions and Private Parties including foreigners.

Colonel Nair is married to Saraswathy K. Nair, Neena and Manoj two children, Neena married to Brigadier Vijayakumar and Manoj a Project Chief with a Software firm and married to Deepa. This happy family along with grand children is the main source of inspiration for the Artist. A firm believer in God and dedicates all his works to that Almighty.

Colonel has a small Gallery cum Studio at his residence and holds a collection of about 100 paintings. Anyone interested to see them, is welcome.